We’re serious about your hair.

GroMD products contain hairgenyl, planoxia, redensyl, and capixyl that work in unison to keep your hair where it belongs; on your head.

Hair loss prevention for both men and women.

About Us

A common problem.
An uncommon solution.

Regenerates hair growth with a special formula you can’t get anywhere else.

  • HAIRGENYL reduces the proportion of hair in the telogen phase, which allows for faster growth, thicker hair, and less hair shedding.
  • PLANOXIA induces earlier telogen to anagen conversion, which leads to an increase in depth and size of hair follicles as well as faster growth.
  • REDENSYL reactivates the hair growth cycle and increases the number of follicles in the anagen cycle, which allows for fuller, thicker hair.
  • CAPIXYL modulates DHT by blocking 5-alpha-reductase, preserves hair follicle stem cell activity, stimulates ECM renewal and anchoring protein synthesis.

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Hair loss happens.
Let’s talk about it.

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