3 Grooming Tips to Massively Reduce Hair Shedding

Noticing a few too many hair strands on the sink or in the shower? Do you dream of silky smooth hair that is both rich in texture and volume? Understanding how your hair follicles work is all you need to maintain those luscious locks.

  1. Drying and combing your hair in a gentle manner. The hair follicles on your scalp are the most fragile and vulnerable after they become wet. Forcing a comb or brush through your hair right out of the shower or after a wash (as you have probably noticed) will rip out many more hairs than would otherwise have come out naturally. Hairs are extremely susceptible to molding and loosening when wet and so need to be untangled and groomed with the utmost care. This means using a gentle pat-down of your hair with a towel and combing with a wide-tooth comb to reduce breakage and loss. Whether due to a lack of time or patient, many people aggressively dry their hair with a towel or blow drier in the morning before work or school. This is a grave mistake when done consistently, day in and day out. Hair is at its most brittle after getting wet and more prone to damaging and breaking. We advise women to blow dry or air dry slowly and with precision so that no area is left susceptible to breakage. Pulling hair back into a tight pony tail after a quick dry of the hair is also dangerous, instead dry the hair the roots first and let the ends air dry.
  2. Using a proper hair conditioner. As you heard above, the bonds in hair cuticles on your head begin to loosen and break apart after a wash. The cuticle swells and cracks when water gets absorbed into it and thus is more prone to erosion and fraying. You can counter act the breakage done by a vigorous wash with a conditioning shampoo that coats each cuticle or hair follicle with protective chemicals and nutrients. We may be biased, but we believe the groMD shampoo and conditioner is the best product on the market in terms of protection, hair regrowth and overall structural versatility.
  3. Take cold showers. The key to keeping hair follicles clear, healthy and lubricated is to retain natural or added oils through hydration. The steam from a very hot shower will dry out the scalp and leave it susceptible to even more damage during the drying and styling phase. A hot shower can flush out the natural oils and protective sheen on the cuticle, leaving it extremely brittle for the rest of the day. Instead of soaking yourself in a hot shower, turn to medium or cool water so that your scalp stays cool and fresh. Keeping the scalp cool will keep the natural oils and nutrients on and fortify the hair against shedding and loss.

Other hair health tips include:

  • Eating protein rich foods like soybean, flaxseeds, egg, fish and meat. Eat vitamin rich foods - especially Vitamin C, D, E and minerals like Calcium, Iron, Zinc.
  • Drink plenty of water regularly.
  • Wash your hair at least once every two days and let fresh air into the hair for few hours a day.
  • Don’t wear tight pony-tails regularly. Very tight braids can break and tear hair follicles at the root of the scalp.
  • Protect from heat treatments and direct sunlight and sun’s heat.