6 Facts About Hair Loss You Never Knew Existed

While there are many misconceptions about hair loss, perhaps the most pervasive is that it only affects the “older” crowd. Hair loss is extremely common, with more than 50% of the population experiencing hair loss by the age of 40 and many noticing thinning hair or a receding hairline as early as their twenties! That's right ladies and gentlemen – many of us start seeing this tell-tale sign of aging far younger than we ever expected. Here we reveal 6 facts related to hair loss that have nothing to do with age.

  1. Mistreating Your Hair Can Cause Hair Loss
    While it's pretty difficult to cause permanent hair loss yourself, overworking your locks can significantly damage your hair, making it weak and easily broken even resulting in excessive hair loss. Hair loss culprits include aggressive brushing, heat styling with tools such as blow-dryers and flatirons, climate conditions, harsh water or too much UV exposure. Even harsh chemicals in shampoos or hair styling products can weaken your your strands and leave you with thin, damaged hair.

  2. Hair Loss in Both Men and Women is Genetic
    Male and female-pattern baldness or the scientifically correct term, Androgenetic Alopecia, is a complex inherited condition that can go back generations and is even known to skip a few. Some studies seem to prove that 80% of hair loss sufferers are genetically predisposed. You can thank your parents (or grandparents) for this one.

  3. Certain Medications Can Cause Excessive Hair Loss
    Prescription medications can often have unwanted side effects, including hair loss. Blood thinners, antidepressants, acne and thyroid medications, and hormone replacement drugs are a few common drug-induced hair loss medications you may want to talk with your doctor about if you're suffering from an abundance of hair shedding.  

  4. It's Best to Catch Hair Loss Early
    While the old adage, "Better late than never" is true in the case of hair loss…Don't wait until bald patches start to appear to take action. Many forms of hair loss can be reversed or slowed much easier in the initial stages. Pick up a good hair care regimen, have patience and stick with it!

  5. Each Hair Strand Only Lasts 2-6 Years on Your Head
    The life cycle of a hair is divided into 3 phases: Anagen, catagen and telogen. Each hair strand has a limited lifespan - roughly between 2-6 years then falls out. Once that hair has shed, a new one starts growing to replace it.

  6. You Can Prevent Hair Loss
    For most, hair loss is caused by miniaturization. This process occurs when hair follicles are triggered by dihydrotestosterone or better known as "DHT" - making the hair very weak and very small (hence miniaturization). Stopping the shrinkage before it ever starts is a great way to keep and maintain the head of hair you have. Lowering DHT levels is the most effective game plan against hair loss. This will revitalize and thicken existing hair follicles as well as promoting healthy regrowth of new hairs.


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