What is the Best Hair Loss Conditioner Available?

The hunt for the perfect hair loss prevention regimen ends here. 

If you deal with thinning hair, you are probably all too familiar with the ongoing struggle of trying different products and treatments to improve your hair’s appearance and boost its growth rate. Attempting to deal with thinning hair can be frustrating and discouraging, especially when you have little to no success with a long string of shampoos, conditioners and topical treatments. 

There are plenty of hair loss prevention products out there that make lofty claims about their benefits for your hair, but end up being mostly ineffective. If you’ve been discouraged by trying a wide range of different treatments to deal with hair loss and are still looking for something that works, you’ve come to the rest place.

This post is all about GroMD’s hair loss-prevention shampoo and conditioner combo and its benefits for your hair. 

To help you gain a deeper understanding of how hair loss works and how to deal with it, we’ll also dive into the root causes of male and female pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia. 

If you are struggling with thinning hair, androgenic alopecia is the most likely underlying cause, and GroMD’s blend of hair growth-boosting ingredients can be a big help in increasing your hair’s ability to grow thick, full and healthy.

If we’ve piqued your interest, keep reading – you’ll learn some valuable information about how to prevent hair loss and take great care of your hair.

Androgenic Alopecia: The Leading Cause of Hair Loss in Adults Over 50

If you have been struggling with hair loss for a long time, chances are you have heard or read about androgenic alopecia at some point. Often called pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in adults over the age of 50. 

This type of hair loss does not typically cause thinning all over your head. Instead, it typically affects only specific parts of your head. 

The most common spots that men see thinning caused by androgenic alopecia are the hairline and the crown of the head. The typical receding hairline experienced by many men is often caused by androgenic alopecia, as is the growing bald spot at the top of the head. These are the hallmark signs of male pattern baldness, affecting around 50% of men over the age of 50.

Androgenic alopecia isn’t just a concern for men, though -- 25% of women over 50 also deal with the condition. 

However, female pattern baldness tends to look different than androgenic alopecia in males. Female pattern hair loss often is most visible in the divide between two sections of a woman’s hair. Thinning can also be visible around the hairline, similarly to the receding hairline caused by androgenic alopecia in many males. 

Although pattern hair loss is less common in women than men, the condition still affects millions of women over the age of 50. Females are typically underrepresented in the market for hair loss treatments, and the harsh standards of beauty that many women are subjected to can make it even harder to openly struggle with thinning hair as a female.

Whether you are male or female, older or younger, dealing with androgenic alopecia can be hard. The struggle to find a treatment that works to prevent and reduce hair thinning is often too real for many men and women. That’s where GroMD comes in.

What is DHT-Blocking Shampoo and Conditioner? 

The main underlying cause of male and female pattern hair loss is the production of an androgen called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Androgens are a set of hormones that regulate masculine characteristics in males and females. 

Found more abundantly in the male body than the female body, androgens like DHT account for the depth of a person’s voice, the growth of pubic hair and facial hair, and even the development of male genitals while in the womb. DHT plays an important role in the development of the bodies of both males and females, especially during puberty.

As you get older, your body continues to produce dihydrotestosterone by converting testosterone into DHT. However, although your body had specific purposes for DHT when you were still physically developing, the hormone can end up having a negative effect on your hair as you age. 

DHT production can actually shrink your hair follicles, interfering with your hair’s natural growth cycle.

Your hair growth occurs in three phases – anagen, telegen and catagen. The anagen stage is when your hair is actively getting longer. In the telogen stage, your hair rests from growing. The catagen stage is the transition between growth and rest. Excessive production of DHT can prolong your hair’s time in the telogen stage and reduce the amount of growth that can occur in the anagen stage. 

Because DHT can inhibit your hair’s natural growth cycle, blocking its production in your body can have a positive impact on your hair’s ability to grow. 

That’s where GroMD’s DHT-blocking shampoo and conditioner comes in. With a proprietary blend of DHT-blocking ingredients that really work, our shampoo and conditioner combo is exactly what your hair needs to grow, uninhibited by DHT’s follicle-shrinking effects.

Our shampoo and conditioner combo includes a wide variety of natural, growth-boosting ingredients, including caffeine, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, argan oil, pumpkin seed extract, and more. We’ve also included Korean red ginseng (planoxia), HairGenyl, Redensyl and Capixyl, ingredients that actively work to block DHT production and keep your follicles at a normal size, allowing your hair to grow thicker and faster.

One ingredient that deserves special attention is argan oil. Not only is argan oil rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, both essential nutrients for your hair and scalp, it also has powerful moisturizing properties. If your hair loss treatment is causing your scalp to get irritated and flaky, argan oil can be a big help. 

Hair loss treatments that include minoxidil are known for causing the scalp to dry out, and the argan oil in GroMD’s hair loss prevention shampoo and conditioner can help mitigate this side effect.

How To Use DHT-Blocking Shampoo and Conditioner

GroMD’s DHT-blocking shampoo and conditioner works best when used on a daily basis. The combo can be worked into a rich lather and then massaged vigorously into wet hair. 

To let your hair absorb the DHT-blocking ingredients in the shampoo and conditioner, it’s best to let it sit in your hair for a few minutes before rinsing. You can let the shampoo and conditioner sit in your hair while you wash the rest of your body, rinsing it out once you are finished with your shower.

In addition, our shampoo and conditioner combo is the perfect addition to your daily topical application of minoxidil. While minoxidil can be a highly effective hair loss prevention treatment, it often causes one unwelcome side effect – a dry, irritated scalp. 

Fortunately, daily use of GroMD’s shampoo and conditioner can keep your hair hydrated and your scalp moisturized, allowing minoxidil to work effectively without drying out your scalp and causing flaking and irritation.

The ingredients in GroMD’s shampoo and conditioner combo are naturally great for your hair and scalp. 

When you are looking for a hair loss prevention treatment that works, look no further. 

With a combination of some of the most effective DHT-blocking and growth-boosting ingredients out there, this shampoo and conditioner is exactly what thinning hair needs to get back to growing thick, full and healthy. 

Dr. Amir Yazdan, MD, is an internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon, expert guest on Dr. Phil and The Doctors, creator of the GroMD hair restoration product line, ISHRS member, accredited member of the IAHRS and a visceral advocate for patient care. Learn more about Dr. Yazdan or read rave reviews from his patients.