Case Study: Hair Loss is Optional

When Justin Hillford, construction manager in Austin, Texas, started balding at the young age of 26, his sense of brash confidence and masculinity began to fade. As a young professional living and working in vibrant downtown, Hillford’s growing career and robust outdoor lifestyle felt somehow in jeopardy.

For those with a full head of hair, you might think to say: ‘It’s only hair, it’s not the end of the world’. This of course is true, worse things could happen to a person than hair loss. But when something threatens a person's confidence, we think this is a terrible danger. Significant hair loss, especially for someone in their 20s, can change a person's life - if it's not prevented. Our mission at GroMD is to prevent further hair loss and restore what has been lost.

Last year Mr. Hillford began a multifaceted hair restoration program combining groMD shampoo and groMD Follicle Activator Spray with over-the-counter minoxidil treatments (Rogaine). The results speak for themselves:

“It’s only been about eight months since I started applying groMD and this product is definitely better than everything else I've tried. In the first month I noticed my hair strengthen and stiffen up on the crown. I would recommend groMD first above all,” says Mr. Hilton.

Dramatic changes in appearance can lead to negative changes in lifestyle, attitude and motivation. Everything from social expectations to dating prospects take a turn for the worst, and for many men and women the loss of their ‘normal’ appearance is a shock to the system.

GroMD reduces the DHT hormone which causes your hair follicles to shrink, weaken and eventually die. GroMD hydrates, adds volume and promotes hair follicle stimulation.

Restore your confidence and return to your productive, efficient, and self-sustaining self. Return to a better, more jubilant you.