Causes of Hair Thinning and Loss in Women and How to Reverse It

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Though hair loss is most commonly associated with men, many women are also impacted by hair thinning and loss. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women experience visible hair loss by the age of 40. Female pattern hair loss (or androgenic alopecia) is also considered a progressive condition and can advance with age.

In addition to causing cosmetic concerns, hair loss in women can very severely impact a woman’s confidence and self-esteem.  There are a large number of reasons why women might begin to experience hair thinning and loss. Hereditary and hormonal issues (high levels of dihydrotestosterone) are the leading causes of female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). However, hair loss can also develop due to a number of environmental and external factors:    


The discontinuation of birth control pills    


Major surgery    


Thyroid conditions    


Vitamin or mineral deficiencies    

Certain skin conditions

Some women may also experience hair loss caused by hair styling techniques – formally known as traction alopecia – that damage or break the hair, including braids, ponytails, hair extensions, styling tools, or chemical treatments.

Reversing Hair Loss in Women

For those suffering from on-going hair loss or even just noticing their hair thinning, there are a number of effective treatment methods for restoring a woman’s natural hair. For those with extensive hair loss or balding, a surgical option such as an FUE transplant might be the best road to follicular recovery. A hair transplant can transfer the patient’s hair from a donor site to the thinning areas on the head for exceptionally natural-looking results. Non-surgical options include PRP therapy and medications such as Minoxidil. A totally natural and non-invasive hair restoration option is of course groMD shampoo and groMD follicle activator spray, both of which are doctor-developed formulas that fight DHT, nourish the base of the scalp and deep condition miniaturizing follicles.