Does Caffeine in Shampoo Help Prevent Hair Loss?

When first beginning their internet research into the ingredients and formula of effective hair loss products, most will inevitably find that caffeine is used in many of the ultra-successful hair restoration brands. This is no accident. Here at groMD we pride ourselves on our rich blend of caffeine, Argan oil, biotin and other premier ingredients. But is their evidence to justify the beneficial effects of caffeine towards hair loss?

Certainly there is, and quite strong evidence to boot.

The scientific analysis of caffeine’s effect on hair loss can be traced back to a study that was published in the International Journal of Dermatology in 2007. This study was conducted by Dr. Tobias Fischer. In the experiment, hair follicles were exposed to different levels of caffeine in vitro. Around 33 men were given caffeine formulas and after six months, a statistically greater proportion of men felt their hair loss had slowed and a statistically greater proportion of men reported their hair was stronger.

For a more detailed exposition on the chemical benefits of caffeine on hair stimulation, click here.

Early research has also shown that caffeine can help to extend the life cycle of your hair, which means thicker and longer hair growth. This is believed to be due to the metabolic effect caffeine has on our cells. It has been conjectured that cellular stimulation counteracts the miniaturization of the hair follicle. Similar hypotheses argue that caffeine counteracts the negative effects of testosterone on the hair follicle which causes hair loss, thereby acting as a reinforcing DHT blocking layer.

Many individuals state that short-term, their hair feels stronger, healthier, and shinier after applying the caffeine stimulant. Long-term benefits include increased hair length and increased hair growth density across the scalp. Preventing hair loss with products containing caffeine may be the best thing for individuals showing early signs of hair shedding and loss.