Hair Growth Products: Don’t Settle for Cheap Alternatives

We live in an era of information overload or ‘information gluttony’, as some media scholars have called it. Want to know about the geometrical structure of particle cells? You can find thousands of pages of notes online and double that amount at your local library.

Issues of health care and hair care are no different. Knowing which service best suits your needs or which product is most responsive to your particular problem takes smart research. Luckily, on the topic of hair growth shampoos, our dermatology experts have done all of the research for you, and then some.

When Sarah Greco of Norwalk, California contacted our offices to inquire about the usefulness and longevity of the groMD product line, we broke down for her exactly what our product does and what makes us superior to those other shampoos and sprays that often falsely claim magical hair regrowth results.

Sarah was suffering from hormone-related hair loss, but our shampoo and follicle activator spray works on sufferers of androgenic alopecia, stress-related hair loss, or just plain dry scalp and dandruff.

First things first, the groMD product line is doctor-developed and tested by international experts, meaning that the ingredients and quality are of the highest order – anything less would not have passed muster. Second, while other shampoos may tout similar ingredients, the groMD product line sports a true premier blend and dynamic formula which contains just the right mixture of the best ingredients.

So what are the best ingredients?

What is the best blend?

Argan oil, famous for its remarkable beauty benefits, is brimming with vitamins A and E, not to mention antioxidants and fatty acids. Our premier blend and special dose of argan oil hydrates, repairs and hydrates the scalp and hair follicles. Beyond just its direct qualities, Argan oil leaves the skin soft and supple, smoothing over acne, wrinkles or scars. The right blend of argan oil adds moisture and shine to thinning or damaged hair, repairing split ends to recover that luscious look.

Another key ingredient blended just right into our formula is Biotin, otherwise known as Vitamin B7. This complex vitamin support a healthy metabolism, promote healthy cognitive function and helps maintain strong nails, glowing skin and full, glossy locks. The right application of biotin can help plump up your hair strands and strengthen your roots, so your hair looks thicker, with more shine and volume.

No hair growth shampoo is complete without a powerful DHT blockers, and groMD comes equip with one of the best DHT blocking blends on the market. This blend is what sets us apart and these active ingredients work together to prevent further hair loss and promote and stimulate healthy hair production. What specifically are these powerful DHT blockers?

  • HairGenyl: Rich in peptides from the yeast Pichia Minuta, HairGenyl triggers hair dynamics to regain density and stimulates follicles to boost growth
  • Planoxia: A Korean red ginseng extract, planoxia regrows hair by speeding along the telogen to anagen conversion, which is the technical term for the growth process of each individual strand of hair on your head
  • Capixyl: A gentle emollient that hydrates the scalp to stimulate natural and noticeable hair growth. Capixyl preservers hair follicle stem cells, modulates DHT and stimulates hair proteins.
  • ResistHyal: Contains the optimal ratio of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, forming a moisture barrier around the hair shaft.
  • Redensyl: Activates your hair’s stem cells to thicken your hair. Some studies show Redensyl has visibly better results than Minoxidil.

‘People will constantly heap praise on their own ingredients list, but no one ever talks about how to perfectly balance and harmonize those ingredients.’ – Board-certified physician and creator of groMD, Dr. Amir Yazdan.

With all this powerful research delivered right to your virtual door, you no longer have the excuse - don’t come crying to us when that cheap shampoo you bought on ebay falls flat on its promise. Invest in your hair, you wear it everyday.