We Have Even More Answers: Most Frequently Asked Hair Loss Questions Pt. 2

Q: What is male-pattern baldness?

A: Male pattern baldness shows up in a telltale shape or pattern and stems from a hereditary gene. It generally starts with a receding hairline and thinning strands around the crown of your head. Many men can expect to start seeing the signs in their early to mid-twenties with a recession of hair in the temporal peaks and/or thinning in the crown. If left untreated, the extent of baldness can extend from the top of the head all the way back to the crown - leaving a fringe of hair around the sides and the back of the scalp.

Q: Is male pattern hair loss or baldness different from female pattern loss?

A: Yes, the actual "patterns" themselves are very different, yet they do have their similarities. In female pattern baldness, hair is most commonly lost on the top of the scalp while sparing a rim of hair along the front borders. Only 12% of women will show any signs of temporal thinning, while in men this is seen in over 80% and commonly known as one of the first signs of hair loss. Like men, the crown in women may thin out but the loss is highly variable. Thinning of the crown region in either men or women is considered one of the patterns of hair loss associated with the 'balding' gene.

Q: Is frequent hair washing a cause of hair loss?

A: Don’t worry–frequent washing will not cause hair loss. However, using improper hairstyling products and techniques plays a bigger factor in causing the hair strands to weaken which leads to breakage and eventually hair loss.

Q: Why is my hair falling out in clumps?

A: Whether in the shower or brushing your hair - having your hair fall out in clumps can be extremely alarming and there are a wide variety of reasons this could be happening. Anything from pregnancy to an inherited thyroid problem can contribute to severe hair loss. In many severe cases, this could be the result of an underlying medical condition, illness or disease and is important to consult your doctor to rule out any medical concerns.

Sudden and severe emotional or physical distress can manifest itself into physical symptoms, like a form of hair loss called telogen effluvium where your hair falls out in clumps. A nutrient deficiency can also be the culprit. A good diet is essential for healthy hair! Make sure you’re eating a daily diet rich in vitamins and proteins, and try to keep stress to a minimum. Adding a biotin-rich shampoo, such as GroMD, to your routine can help encourage the growth of new, healthy hair!

Q: I'm starting to go bald...how much hair will I lose and how quickly?

A: Unfortunately, no one can make such a prediction even after studying your family tree and history. The expression of your genetic makeup is unpredictable so the best forecast is simply a guess. In general, the younger you are when you start noticing it - even before your twenties, the more baldness you can expect to have. Now is the best time to start considering upgrading your daily hair care routine.

We brush our teeth every day for clean and healthy gums and teeth, right? We need to do the same for our hair. Adopt a regimen that includes a healthy diet, physical fitness, and a restorative shampoo like GroMD and keep the baldness at bay.