Hair Strengthening Tips | GroMD

There are four things you never skimp on in this life: dinner dates, shoes, underwear and hair care.

Below are key components of healthy and strong hair which we will discuss in depth:

- Healthy diet and nutrition

- Hair restoration shampoos

- Moisture treatments    

- Deep conditioning treatments    

- Reduction of heat appliance usage

Healthy diet and lifestyle: This first point is absolutely the most important. Everyone is aware of the acronym GIGO - garbage in, garbage out! You have to ensure that you eat well and feed your body with the nutrition that it needs in order to get the physical results that you seek. Hair is a living, breathing part of your body just like your liver, gut, heart and limbs. To keep it strong and luscious you need to look after it with judicious protective care. Here is an article about the top eight causes of hair loss, and how bad eating and stress is one of them.

Hair Restoration Shampoo: Before you ask, yes you need to supplement your hair care routine with hair restoration shampoo. It will help to work alongside the natural food intake and help to deliver the necessary nutrients needed to strengthen your hair health. Your hair is made up of keratin and protein fibers. You need the active stimulants and vitamins in hair restoration shampoo to strengthen your hair. This particular step is regrettably forgotten by many people and this results in brittle, breaking hair.

Moisture Treatments: Another very needed step in strengthening your hair, is the moisture treatment. So, this step should be one step that you try to implement. You want to have a balance between protein and moisture levels of your hair. Too little protein will result in fragile, breaking hair while too much moisture, will result in fragile, over-elastic breaking hair.

Deep Conditioning Treatments: One very wonderful way to give your hair that extra loving care, is by doing deep conditioning treatments. This helps to provide the moisture that your hair needs, without traumatizing or breaking the hair follicle, as can happen with other more chemical treatments.

Less Use of Heat Appliances: Heat styling tools like straighteners and rollers are known to damage and destroy hair follicles if used excessively. Many dermatologists will confirm this fact. Hot hair styling products damage the natural moisturizer of the hair as well as the cuticle layer, trap particles on the surface of the scalp, cause fraying, split ends, and breaking of the hair. Heat styling also products remove essential oils and sterilize dynamic nutrients.