Marketing Crazes in the Hair Care Industry

The beauty and cosmetic industries seem to cook up a new cosmetic craze every few weeks. We’ve all seen it a thousand times before: Product X will reverse signs of aging on your face within the first week. Product Y will remove and rejuvenate all scars and blemishes on your face. Product Z will transform your life and give you back all your previous confidence. As so on and so forth.

In the hair restoration and hair care industry, dry shampoo seems to be the latest culprit in a seemingly never-ending line of utopian marketing campaigns. Not only will dry shampoo clean and conditioner your hair on the go and with exquisite results – or so the marketing campaign says – but it will also make your hair oil-free and look more attractive and beautiful than regular store-bought shampoo and conditioner.

The reality of the matter concerning dry shampoo, however, is much more uncertain and open to debate. Many clients and test users at reputable skin care blogs and websites report little to no difference in reduction of dandruff or oily skin. A significant number of users also report discomfort and itchiness in on-the-go application of the product.

As a general rule of thumb when faced with glittering advertisement – never listen to utopian promises of total revolution and transformation. Only listen seriously to products and services which make modest, yet substantial claims to their efficacy and usefulness.

We would argue that products like tea tree oil and dry shampoo, while attractive and useful in their own limited right, are more of a marketing craze gone wild than a truly unique solution and convenience.

At groMD, we make a much more moderate and humble claim to fame: fight hair loss with a simple and easy-to-use natural formula that is designed for your daily cleansing routine. But can a shampoo/conditioner by itself fight off hair shedding and loss? Simply put: yes. The secret to groMD’s effectiveness is its DHT blockers, a potent proprietary blend of patented ingredients – HairGenyl™and Capixyl™. Both products are boosted with Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle and Licorice Root Extract, all DHT blockers found in nature. This product cuts no corners and is laced with an abundance of ingredient to take DHT to task, as well as make hair healthy and as strong as possible. GroMD Shampoo/Conditioner and groMD Follicle Activator Spray also contain caffeine and menthol to dilate the blood vessels around each hair follicle for improved circulation. These stimulate dormant follicles and allow vital nutrients to reach every hair strand.

GroMD’s fortified and expertly refined DHT-blocking formula is enriched with growth-factor peptides and proteins, as well as anti-inflammatory mediators and anagen growth stimulators.