The Difference Between GroMD and Nioxin

Many hair restoration systems claim to regrow your hair and prevent further hair fall. One such brand – perhaps the most well-known on the market – is called Nioxin. Many of our clients routinely ask us what the difference is between our hair restoration system and a brand like Nioxin.

In this blog we will highlight some of the key differences between the Nioxin and groMD hair restoration systems.


In the world of consumer marketing, any product can be made to look life changing. Fancy slogans and seductive catch phrases can artificially turn an average product into a superstellar must-own commodity.

We believe that the Nioxin product line is so popular precisely because of such strategic marketing efforts.

While containing some good natural ingredients for scalp health like Peppermint Oil, Biotin and Humulus Lupulus Extract, Nioxin lacks key DHT-blocking ingredients that reduce hair shedding and reverse the effects of pattern baldness.

The current Nioxin ‘hair thickening’ kit offers a cleanser, conditioner and a scalp treatment. Their marketing suggests that the scalp must firstly be clean and oil free and the hair strands strengthened to prevent further thinning of hair. They also actively look to thicken the hair with added vitamins and minerals.

Upon closer investigation and review, however, this three-tiered hair growth kit proves to be slightly redundant and rather paltry in actual effectiveness.

Thickening hair isn’t as easy as simply adding a few synthetic ingredients. Unless it is affecting blood circulation or inflammation in a significant way, it isn’t thickening the hair and any increase in thickness is from the hair shaft artificially expanding. This is commonly done by popular brands by adding a fatty layer which lasts as long as the residue is in the hair.

While this is a legitimate technique some people use to ‘thicken’ hair, it’s more an addition to the hair than intrinsically changing it. This is what we mean by mediocre effectiveness. In terms of Nioxin’s ingredients, there is little evidence of it being beneficial for blood circulation or inflammation. Removing sebum from the scalp can potentially worsen inflammation as well as strip the scalp of the protective layer. The same logic that thins hair also leads to hair loss.

As such, Nioxin does not help to regrow hair. GroMD does.


GroMD shampoo and conditioner goes beyond the regular diluted shampoo brands to target withering follicles and fight the balding hormone known as DHT. Nioxin and other similar brands merely clean the scalp and provide it with ingredients known to promote hair health, such as biotin and caffeine. GroMD’s bioactive nutrients target the roots and moisturize hair from root to tip, promoting thicker, fuller hair growth while strengthening and softening hair.

The groMD system is a truly comprehensive, doctor-formulated solution for hair thinning that is engineered to reduce hair shedding and strengthen follicles at the root. It comprises a scalp therapy in addition to a shampoo and conditioner. Our Follicle Activator Spray, for example, is a topical spray that works by particularly targeting and obstructing DHT, enabling the standard manufacture of healthier hair.

GroMD’s proven, natural components deliver results without negative effects.