The Science Behind Increasing Your Hair Density and Thickness

Among the many pertinent questions we’ve received through the internet and social media, one of the most recurring is: “how do I increase my hair density?”

While many new Rogaine or Finasteride users express great initial excitement after seeing new hairs grow, a great number of those same users may later complain of a frightening lack of hair thickness and density.

What is the use of newly grown hairs if they appear too pluggy due to being frail and spread out?

Often times very fine and thin looking hair can be as equally discomforting as flat out balding. Hair strands that appear extremely wispy and frail can cause a person to despair over his hair restoration program, seeking ultimately to abandon the quest for a full head of hair.

Clients often come to us with complaints about their current hair restoration regime being unable to give them true density and thickness. While tried and true medical hair loss regimes involving items like Finasteride and Minoxidil are scientifically proven to regrow hair in most cases, increasing thickness and density is another matter entirely.

For exactly this purpose, GroMD Shampoo and Follicle Activator Spray has been designed specifically to add fullness to hair.


Our formula contains all of the nutrients essential for increasing density and growing thick, lustrous hair. We’ve engineered the perfect combination of Yeast extract, Red Ginseng, Glycine, Saw Palmetto, Argan Oil and other key ingredients. You will notice that all of these contain antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes that play a big role in eliminating the harmful bacteria in the scalp. They also detoxify the hair follicles to regenerate strong and thick hair growth.


If you have very fine silk hair and you’re afraid to use a heavy conditioner because you don’t want it to weigh down your hair, then our light weight conditioner and rich follicle spray could be exactly what you need.