Top 5 Men's Haircuts for 2018 and Beyond

The way you style your hair plays a huge role in the way you look. No matter how stylish your outfit looks, if your hair isn’t right–the whole look is wrong. We’ve curated 5 cool men’s hairstyles for you to try out this year.

The Swoop with Faded Sides

Think of the swoop as the updated, cooler version of the old-school comb-over. Your barber can cut and style this look for all hair types, whether your hair is curly, straight or in-between. Choose a skin, mid, high or low fade depending on how short you want your sides cut. Then you have a choice for the swoop on top– do you want your hair long or short? Add a part for a more defined and sophisticated look.

The Man-Bun

Thanks to the hipster culture and the popularity of man buns with celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Joaquin Phoenix, it’s arguably one of the trendiest hairstyles for men nowadays. It’s a subtle and and simple way to look stylish. With hair simply pulled up to a bun on top, or with it shaved on the side of your head, the man bun is easy to style each day. To achieve this look, a bit of a growing out period is required so you’ll need a healthy haircare regimen including a high-performing shampoo like GroMD that’s enriched with biotin and niacin to encourage growth.

The Pompadour

The pompadour is one of the most easily recognizable hairdos out there. In one word: Elvis. Short or long, disconnected or paired with an undercut - the men’s pomp is in because it looks so good! If you have a rounder face shape you may want to pass on this one, as it tends to round the face out even more. Otherwise, it’s great for most face shapes and nearly all hair types. Glossy, showy, and styled with precision is what makes the pomp a classic look.

The Quiff

If you care what ladies think – according to research, this one is judged by women as the sexiest hairstyle for men! The quiff hairstyle is undoubtedly one of the most popular men’s haircuts of the last few years and no one pulls it off better than one of the world’s biggest fashion icons, David Beckham.

The modern quiff offers a fashionable style that’s both stylish and versatile for different face shapes and hair types. Distinguishing itself from the classic pomp, a quiff is more tousled, a little rugged and focused directly on the forelock – the hair just above the forehead. If you’re looking for a GQ gentleman’s cut that’s transcended time, the quiff may be perfect for you! The David Beckham Quiff will require thick, textured hair and thus can be achieved with the right hair products to give you the ‘appearance’ of thicker hair. Add GroMD hair loss prevention shampoo to your morning hair care remedy for optimal density and to keep those locks from shedding.

The Textured Fade

Textured cuts are a fantastic way to beef up fine hair or remove bulk from thick hair; and the fade being another fashionable hair trend for men right now. They look sharp, work with every men’s hair type – from short to long, and classic to trendy. The textured look adds a modern twist to classic hairstyles.

A great hairstyle has a lot to do with the quality of your hair so level up your grooming game to nail the perfect look. A great shampoo like GroMD will step your game up and impress everyone around you.