What Does Conditioner Do, and the Mistakes You May Make

Conditioner is a hair product that can play a key role in keeping your hair moisturized, soft, shiny, and healthy. Some hair conditioners are designed to be rinsed out after use, while others are “leave-in,” meaning they can stay in your hair throughout the day after you shower. Conditioner is typically used in tandem with shampoo, but can also be used on its own on non-shampoo days. 

Everyone’s hair does best with a different balance of both shampoo and conditioner, and some hair types need less shampoo than others. However, no matter what your hair is like, conditioner is the perfect product to include in your everyday hair care routine.

Conditioner Versus Shampoo: What’s the Difference?

While both shampoo and conditioner can play integral parts in maintaining healthy hair, these two types of products have some major distinctions that set them apart from each other. 

The purpose of conditioner is to help optimize your hair’s look, texture, and health, whereas shampoo often primarily serves to keep your hair clean and free of odors, dirt, and grime. 

Everyone can benefit from using both shampoo and conditioner, but using these products correctly is key to successfully maintaining healthy hair. 

Conditioner helps to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. 

High-quality hair conditioners typically include hydrating, nourishing natural oils that can help keep your hair moisturized. The moisturizing ingredients in your conditioner are essential for your hair’s overall health – it’s always wise to avoid letting your hair get dried out. 

When your hair and scalp are properly hydrated and moisturized, your head will look and feel better through and through. Dried-out hair and a dry scalp can lead to irritation, dandruff, and a host of other problems that are always worth doing your best to avoid. 

Through daily use of a high-quality, moisturizing conditioner, you can keep dryness and irritation at bay. Hydrated hair is healthy hair, and when your goal is to prevent and reverse hair loss, you can’t let your hair get dried out.

Shampoo & Conditioner Combos: Do They Work? 

One common method of conditioning hair is through using a shampoo and conditioner combo. This type of hair product includes both shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. But does this method of conditioning work?

The short answer is… yes! 

However, not all shampoo and conditioner combos are created equal. 

Some hair products that are designed to both wash and condition your hair are not made with high-quality ingredients, and may even potentially dry your hair out. Many shampoo and conditioner combos also include sulfates and other ingredients that can have a drying effect on your hair, and these are best avoided. 

Look for a shampoo and conditioner combo that is sulfate-free and includes natural hydrating ingredients.

GroMD’s shampoo and conditioner combo is designed to hydrate, nourish, clean, and protect your hair, and it makes the perfect addition to any hair care routine. Our shampoo and conditioner are packed with natural DHT-blocking ingredients to help you maintain a healthy rate of hair growth. 

If you are dealing with thinning hair, using DHT-blocking shampoo and conditioner is one of the best methods of preventing and reversing hair loss.

When Should I Use My Conditioner?

If you are using a separate shampoo and conditioner when you shower, it’s best to use these products in a specific order. 

The best order for using shampoo and conditioner is shampoo first, conditioner second. Since shampoo primarily serves the purpose of washing your hair and removing dirt, grime, and excess oil, it is best used before you move on to using conditioner to moisturize and nourish your hair. 

Conditioner is most effective when it is left in your hair for a few minutes while you shower. You can use this window of time to wash the rest of your body, then rinse your conditioner out once you are finished. Shampoo, on the other hand, can be rinsed out immediately after you have worked it into a rich lather and massaged it into your hair.

One of the biggest mistakes that you might be prone to making with your conditioner is not leaving it in your hair long enough to let it work. 

The beneficial ingredients in your conditioner need time to penetrate your hair and scalp, locking in moisture, hydration and nourishment for your head. 

When you are using GroMD’s DHT-blocking shampoo and conditioner, giving the ingredients time to work is especially important. After massaging your conditioner in your hair, leave it in for several minutes to let it work.

How Much Conditioner Should I Use? 

When it comes to using your hair conditioner, a little bit goes a long way. You don’t need to dispense a huge amount of conditioner for each use – stick with a quarter-sized amount and you’ll be good to go. The longer your hair is, the more conditioner you may need to use, but a relatively small amount is typically enough for your entire head. 

One big mistake to avoid making when conditioning your hair is overdoing the amount that you use. However, you don’t have to worry about conditioning your hair too frequently. Using your conditioner every day is a great move regardless of your hair type and the length of your hair. 

While it may be beneficial to use shampoo less frequently, especially if you have curly or wavy hair, daily use of conditioner will keep your hair moisturized and nourished, and will never really hurt anything besides your wallet.

Ingredients To Avoid 

When you choose a conditioner to use, it’s always essential to pay careful attention to the ingredients. Some conditioners are made with added artificial fragrances, colors, and other ingredients that have the potential to dry out your hair and can be harmful to your body in the long run. 

When you pick a conditioner, make sure it is free of these ingredients.

Artificial dyes, artificial scents, sulfates, and parabens are all worth avoiding in any product you use in your hair, including conditioner. Sticking with all-natural ingredients is better for your hair in the long run.

Why Choose GroMD’s Shampoo & Conditioner? 

If you are dealing with thinning hair and scrambling to find a treatment that works, look no further than GroMD’s DHT-blocking Shampoo & Conditioner

Through the use of our proprietary blend of growth-boosting, DHT-blocking ingredients, you can keep your hair and scalp hydrated, nourished, and refreshed, all while preventing further hair loss.

GroMD’s hair care products are designed to stop hair loss in its tracks. No matter how far your thinning hair has progressed, the beneficial ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner can have a huge impact on your hair’s ability to grow thick, full, and healthy.

Our blend of DHT-blocking ingredients includes caffeine, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, Korean red ginseng, pumpkin seed extract, and even more ingredients that can stimulate hair growth and prevent DHT’s follicle-shrinking effects on your hair. 

Through targeting the root of your hair loss, GroMD’s shampoo and conditioner, along with our follicle activator spray, can help get your hair’s natural cycle of growth back on track, prompting your hair to spend more time in its anagen (growth) stage and less time in its telogen (rest) stage. 

Getting you back to a normal, healthy cycle of hair growth, our shampoo and conditioner can get you the hair that you’ve been hoping for.

Dr. Amir Yazdan, MD, is an internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon, expert guest on Dr. Phil and The Doctors, creator of the GroMD hair restoration product line, ISHRS member, accredited member of the IAHRS and a visceral advocate for patient care. Learn more about Dr. Yazdan or read rave reviews from his patients.